Two summer openairs

– Wah wah madness by Manwe


  1. Sunny days by mmcm
  2. Funky summer by Gibson
  3. Ayakashi of foreign land by Tayle
  4. Synthmania11 by Tayle
  5. GoTaY by nodeus
  6. Party for funk by nq
  7. Good in wood by mmcm
  8. Beyond the road by Wormsbiysk
  9. Black sunshine by Lamer Pinky
  10. Penguin adventure by Tayle
  11. Rythme by Scalesmann

DiHalt & 3BM OpenAir 2013

– Fl..R U Ready? by Mike&JtN/4D


  1. no tears, no fears, no hopes… by Scalesmann^mc
  2. Dizzy the Adventurer Overworld 1 by nix./site
  3. ManDmz Rescue by WhoIs Hero
  4. Tribute: Shatterhand by Gibson
  5. Shoes Restorer by VBI
  6. Streets of the Unknown by Factor6
  7. Beeper Keygen by kakos nonos
  8. Gummy Stub by kakos nonos
  9. Walking around you by Rene Sens Co.
  10. Exodus game by Klim^oHg
  11. Summer Night by MmcM^Sage
  12. Wait waiting by Moran^CPU
  13. When you were a hero by MmcM^Sage
  14. 3123 years of DiHalt by Rob F.^Entire group
  15. Sonar by AER
  16. Together by Hacker VBI & RVA